If you are the typical parent, I am sure you have spent many long hours seeking the magic bullet that will enable you to effectively manage your children’s behavior. You have probably experienced inadequacy, frustration, and even resentment as you search desperately for the right answers. Are Your Hands Full Audio Book, written and narrated by Dr. S. Yaroslawitz, is a step by step audio guide to help you manage your children’s behavior. You will be delighted to learn that if you follow the Are Your Hands Full protocol according to its exact specifications, you will have received a blueprint for handling the complex areas of chinuch, parenting, and behavior management of children (Volume I) and adolescents (Volume II) who are developing typically.

Are Your Hands Full, Volume I, includes thorough discussions of pertinent topics such as acceptance of authority, consistency, communication skills, reinforcers, tantrum management, obedience, anger management, eating and feeding, toileting, sleeping, morning and bedtime routines, and sibling rivalry.